Real Estate Title Company in Crestwood, KY

Real Estate

We understand the complexities involved in real estate transactions. Whether it is a residential or commercial closing, lease agreement, or simple quitclaim deed, we provide a level of care to put you at ease throughout the process. Even if it is a unique agreement, a quick deadline, or an unexpected bump in the road, our team can handle it. We have years of experience working with many local lenders, developers, brokers and agents in a wide variety of real estate transactions.

Elder Law Attorney in Crestwood, KY

Elder Law

We focus a large portion of our practice on addressing the legal needs of our senior citizens. We help our clients and their families navigate through elder law and estate planning issues so that their loved one can get the care they need now. We can determine if your loved one qualifies for Medicaid or other benefits to avoid or reduce costly nursing home bills. We regularly assist clients in completing benefit applications, establishing trusts, executing deed transfers, filing petitions for guardianship for vulnerable adults, and building specific plans based on each family’s needs.

Estate Planning Attorney in Crestwood, KY

Estate Planning / Wills & Trusts

If 2020 taught us anything, it is the importance of planning for the unexpected. Our careful estate planning designates individuals you trust to help in a crisis with minimal court involvement. Our attorneys will work hard to ensure that your plan is completed accurately with your specific needs in mind. If your estate plan needs updating or if you do not have an estate plan, this is something you can do today to prepare for the future. Our goal is to help give you peace of mind – regardless of the circumstances.

Probate Attorney in Crestwood, KY


The last thing you want to do when someone you care about has passed away is to navigate through the probate process alone. Being an executor, administrator, or trustee is an important job. Heirs and creditors may be entitled to money, taxes must be paid, family controversies may arise, and properties may need to be sold or liquidated. Whether you are a beneficiary, heir, or trustee we can help settle obligations, convey bequests, and deal with the complex procedures of probate administration.